A few steps from the Etruscan Arch in the historic center of Perugia, Pinturicchio Café + Kitchen is a comfortable and welcoming place to stop at any time to enjoy our special atmosphere. Serving daily American breakfast, Sunday brunch, light lunch and an always different menu of the weekly aperitif, our approach is relaxed and simple.

Come for your morning coffee, eggs or pancakes, a creamy cupcake or a slice of freshly baked cake. Join us in the evening for beer, wine and cocktails, multilingual conversation and our ever-changing program of cultural events. Whenever you’re here, sit back, relax and feel at home.

Alessandro, Felix and Richard


Alessandro Picottini


The only Italian “pure” of the team, he graduated in Political Science and uses his diplomatic skills to bring customers in the best way. When he was 9 years old, Alessandro Picottini could identify the flags of all the nations of the world and write his own guide on the field to wild mushrooms in Northern Italy: two apparently random abilities, one of which had a role in the initial success of Pinturicchio Café + Kitchen.


Richard Corazza


In 2014, armed with his recipes and a suitcase full of cane sugar, he invaded Perugia with an irresistible range of creamy and delicious cupcakes, crunchy biscuits, chocolate brownies and other sweets destined to tempt Italian and foreign gourmands.

He never stopped, he immediately set his sights on how to bring beloved American dishes (both sweet and savory) to his new hometown. From here comes Pinturicchio Café + Kitchen, a collaboration between friends from three different countries that offers a constantly evolving menu of delicious home-made dishes, American cuisine served with friendly hospitality to an international clientele.


Felix Mario Menacher


Born in Munich and transplanted in the Umbrian countryside, Felix Manacher is the perfect blend between Teutonic precision and Italian creativity. Also known as “The Swiss Human Knife” for its propensity to multitasking, will prepare a cappuccino to perfection prone – sure – in two or three languages, just to cheer the atmosphere with his good-natured and petulant quarrels.







From a young age, Richard Corazza, the tenth of fourteen children, loved to cook. One of his earliest memories of food was to fry the mortar on a campfire when he was just a boy. The pan became black but the meat, with all its savory, smoky and caramelized flavors, was sizzled to perfection. Since then he has accumulated decades of experience in preparing delicious foods that make friends, family and customers happy, and has had more than a bit of fun doing it.

After 30 years working at UPS, Richard decided to cook as a job. He perfected his skills at the French Culinary Institute, then worked in the famous kitchens of New York City Field, Piglet and Blue Smoke / Jazz Standard, restaurants known for exceptional food and exceptional hospitality. Training with the acclaimed pastry chef Jennifer Giblin, she learned to perfect the classic American desserts using natural, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Richard Corazza

Pinturicchio Head Chef




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Via Pinturicchio 26, 06122 Perugia

Lun-Ven: 08.00AM – 01:30AM

Sabato: 3:00PM – 01:30AM

Domenica: 11:00AM – 15:00PM

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